Few words about me. I’m award winning Estonian nature and fine art photographer. I have been focused on art of photography for ten years. My captured work has appeared in magazines and publications, used as wallpaper or appeared as framed art on several walls.

I love nature. Photography is for me the tool for capturing those moments I like. It makes possible to share to you the same essence, light and emotions nature has shared with me. In addition to Estonia's local meadows, forests and bogs, you may meet me also in photo trips, captured the beauty of Nordic and North American nature parks. I am fascinated by the beauty of untouched nature, the rough surface forms, and the game of light and shadows in nature.

I've won several awards from photo contests. Most prestigious was the Gran Prix ant title of Estonian Nature Photographer of the Year from Nature Photography competition back in 2012.

Between 2010 to 2016, I have had three exhibitions, two of them in Tallinn and one in New York.